What do you get to eat on my Summer Detox?

Detox lettuce wraps

Detox lettuce wraps from the Summer Detox

Yes, you actually get to eat!

You actually get to eat REAL FOOD!

Not just juices and smoothies….

Not some nasty shake or other product….

You get real, delicious, fresh food!

There is NO deprivation on MY detox!

I don’t like feeling deprived, and I wouldn’t tell you to do it either.

If you don’t have fun with it and enjoy it, then why would you do it? 

You wouldn’t!

That’s why the suggested eating plan for the Summer Detox features three meals and two snacks per day, plus delicious morning and afternoon all-natural elixirs to facilitate the detox process.

You also receive all the recipes to support these meals and snacks, 89 delicious recipes total!

AND you can tailor the detox to fit your unique needs.

  • Need more protein? Add it!


  • Feeling hungry? Add an extra snack already!


  • Nursing or active? We can make changes that will suit your needs.

  •  Yes, times can be shifted to fit your schedule!

  • Yes, you can refer to the Recipe Guide and exhange meals if you like.

Here is a sample day of what you can expect to enjoy during the 7-day detox.

7:00 am (or upon rising): Enjoy your first Elixir of the morning, and take an optional probiotic

8:00 am: enjoy a cup of herbal tea or coffee substitute, or one cup organic coffee

10:00 am (or whenever you would like to eat breakfast): a delicious Smoothie

11:30 am: enjoy a tasty snack if needed

1:30 pm (or whenever you would like to eat lunch): you will enjoy one of the delicious meals from the recipe guide – for example, the Detox Lettuce Wraps pictured above

4:00 pm (snack): you will enjoy a tasty snack from the recipe guide, for example a green apple with some tahini. You will also drink your second Elixir of the day

6:00 pm (or whenever you eat dinner): enjoy another delicious meal from the recipe guide

As you can see, you actually get to EAT on this detox! 🙂  Your Detox program includes 89 recipes for delicious soups, salads, smoothies, juices, snacks, dips, and meals. View the Summer Detox page and join us today!

Still have questions? Be sure to read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or email me if you still aren’t sure.