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What obstacles are blocking you from health?

girl-850117_1920Sometimes, having come this far on my health journey, I forgot about some of the obstacles that used to stop me from eating healthy and being active. I’ve been working on my health for over 8 years now, and I feel better than ever.

So at times, it’s hard to remember all the things that used to stop me dead in my tracks. But I know that is where many of you are, and I really want to help you see new ways of getting past these damn obstacles!!

I asked a few people to share their thoughts on what is blocking them from improving their health.

Here are some of the responses I received:

1. “I seem to have one excuse after another…. I don’t have time, or it’s too expensive. Or I can’t do it until something else happens first… like I can’t afford to join a gym until I get a raise. The thing is, I probably still won’t choose to join a gym when I get a raise. So, I don’t know how to make myself work out… I’m so frustrated.”

2. “I don’t have time to cook all these different meals for my whole family. I have three boys who only want junk…. and I get home late so I just like to make stuff that is easy.”

3. “The gap between knowing and doing is HUGE! I’ve definitely been in a health rut and I KNOW that I need to return to doing what I know (much of what you taught me) so that I can get back to thriving health. I plan to take your advice and really reflect on it over the next week.”

Any of these sound familiar? They sure do to me!

Oooooh yeah, it’s true, this super-healthy health coach used to have those same things stopping me!

So how did I get past them all? Well that is a (much longer) story to be continued on another day.

For now… take some time to think about the obstacles that are stopping you from living your healthiest life. Think about it, journal about it, reflect on it. Dig into the question, ask yourself “Why?” and keep asking yourself “Well why do I think that?” and just keep digging into it until you have filled up a page or two, however many you need to really dig into the question and get to the bottom of it. Here’s a (brief) example:

What obstacles are standing in your way of cooking healthy meals after you get home from work? Maybe you work long hours and cooking a healthy meal seems too time-consuming; or maybe you feel that the price of healthy food is too high. You’re grumpy when you get home and you want a treat. Comfort food is what you grew up with and it’s so… well, comforting.

Your job for the next week is to simply think, reflect, and journal on these obstacles. Knowing your obstacles, habits, and patterns will help you figure out how to work around them!

I would love to hear your comments below, tell me what you found out!

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