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Sun on my Face – DIY Oil for Summer

Summer’s here and there will be SUN on my face!! sun on my face

I’m thinking camping, dipping in the rivers and springs around town, swimming at the gym…

Get me out in the sunshine!!

I do really love soaking up the sun, but don’t worry — I am very aware of protecting my skin while I do it.

That doesn’t mean I slap on any old sunblock, though.

Most sunscreen & sunblock products contain many toxic ingredients like oxybenzone. Read what the Environmental Working Group has to say about sunscreens in their Sunscreen Hall of Shame report.

The EWG blasts manufacturers of “super-high SPF” sunscreens (like 100SPF+). The report says the FDA is actually considering barring SPF over 50.

The report then calls out spray sunscreens, naming their 11 Worst Spray Sunscreens. Spray sunscreens contain ingredients that are harmful and since these ingredients can be inhaled…. do the math.

The report also includes a list of the 11 Worst Sunscreen Lotions and the 11 Worst Sunscreens for Kids. Yikes!

In fact, the EWG’s guide suggests using sunblock only as a last resort. Instead, plan around the sun and stay in the shade.

I personally try to avoid toxic products as much as I can, so that advice sounds good to me. But I still wanted to try making my own sunscreen so I did a bit of research.

Did you know some plant oils are naturally sun protective?

I love the info here and here. I also like the info and recipe here.

I looked up several recipes and did some blending, mixing, tinkering, and testing. The recipe below is what I came up with.

I tried this formula all last summer and overall experienced fewer sunburns that ever before. Start slow and see how your skin reacts! I don’t lay out in the sun for hours, especially at the beginning of summer when my skin is lighter.

You could substitute other essential oils just check them out to see if they would be suitable for use on skin, and avoid any citrus oils as they can cause skin to become photosensitive (don’t apply citrus oils and then go in the sun).

Use high-quality oils especially since this is going directly on your skin (going directly in you!).

Please note: not meant to be slathered on so you can broil in the sun!! Protect your skin, at all times.

Sun Oil

3.8 oz. fractionated coconut oil

1 dropperful carrot seed oil

~30 drops essential oils (I recently used 10 drops Hawaiian Sandalwood, 10 drops Helichrysum, 10 drops Lavender, and 5 drops Roman Chamomile)

Blend in a 4 oz container. I like to use a glass bottle with a pump top but I also pour some into a smaller plastic container for my backpack – plastic seems safer by the pool and while hiking around.

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