Hi, I’m Jocelyn!

Jocelyn BrownHello, Well Beings!
I’m so happy you found my online home! Welcome :)

Health and wellness is a passion of mine, and I love talking about and sharing it. I believe that every single one of us deserves to be healthy, happy, and free!

That’s what my website is all about, and I love the technology which allows us to come together so that we may connect and build community.

We are all connected, and when we connect, we have great power – the power to inspire each other, the power to support each other, and the power to lift each other up!

I truly believe that we can affect positive change by coming together and using our strengths and talents to help others and create a happier world.

“I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” -Louise Hay

I share a little bit about my personal journey to health here. I’d love for you to check it out! Here’s a little bit more about me:

I love animals, food, nature, gardening, music, old trucks, water, stars, painting, reading, learning, and lifting others up.

I am an artist, holistic health coach, natural health educator, volunteer, wife, dog/cat/turtle mom, and a work in progress.

I believe in manifesting, acting with compassion and generosity, living with an open heart, and feeding my soul.

My highest values are freedom, simplicity, and abundance (and I believe that simple abundance is not an oxymoron).

If you have found me… and are still reading this… then we have come into each others’ lives for a reason! There are several ways that we can work together – check out the Services and Work With Me pages.

More than anything else, I truly enjoy hearing from you so please email me. Tell me about you, your thoughts, dreams, desires, worries…. I read each and every email I receive :)

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Sending you peace, health, abundance, and joy!

Jocelyn Brown